Will, Trust and Power of Attorney Litigation (aka Probate Litigation)

Dan has considerable experience in litigating Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney cases. He is listed in Best Lawyers in America for this practice area (Probate Litigation).

What is will litigation?

Dan’s Will cases range from litigating the mental capacity of the person who signed the will to litigating whether someone exerted undue influence over the person who signed the will.

What is trust litigation?

Trust cases range from interpreting the language of a trust to whether the trustees have acted in conformance with the trust.

What is power of attorney litigation?

Power of Attorney cases usually involve the issue of whether the person using the power has misused it to his or her own benefit and/or has misused it to the detriment of the person who bestowed the power.

Who do we help with these matters?

Many of Dan’s clients in these cases are senior citizens or disabled persons who have been taken advantage of by a family member or friend. These are difficult situations that require an attorney with the right mix of experience, compassion and wisdom. Dan has all three of these characteristics, so please contact him for a free consultation.

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