Real Estate & Business Law

We are pleased to represent clients in transactional matters involving their small business or personal affairs. Partner Avery Day leads this work, offering services in all of the general practice categories below. Avery also leads the firm’s Probate Practice.

Real Estate Law

If you’re buying or selling property in Maine, we are available to assist and represent your interests as needed at various points in the process. These include:

deed preparation
Assisting sellers with preparation of deeds
title services
Assisting buyers with examining titles
contract drafting, attorney review, and negotiations
Drafting and reviewing real estate-related contracts, including residential and commercial leases and offers to purchase real estate.
Contract performance and resolving real estate disputes

We can help you enforce contract terms as well as assist with boundary disputes, property damage claims, and other issues. See our real estate and commercial litigation page for more details on these services.

Business Law

Are you starting, growing, or selling a business? We can help you take care of various legal and administrative responsibilities, including:

deciding upon and creating a business entity
We can help you decide which business entity makes the most sense legally and financially and assist with forming  any number of entities including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.
document preparation and filing
This includes preparing and reviewing contracts, purchase agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, annual reports, and other legal documents central to your business. We also provide corporate clerk and registered agent services.
business transactions
Including assistance with the purchase and/or sale of a business.

Creditors’ Practice

Stevens & Day, LLP has the knowledge to help you get money that is rightfully owed to you. Situations that we can assist with include:

If an individual or business is not paying a debt they owe you, you are entitled to recover what is owed to you. We can assist you in seeking a judgement in court and with collecting on this judgment by attaching wages, filing liens, or working out payment arrangements.
If a borrower has defaulted on their mortgage, we can guide you through the foreclosure process. Foreclosure strategies vary according to the specific circumstances of your case, and we will work with you to develop the best approach to pursuing a foreclosure action. This work includes assisting individuals who have taken real estate as collateral for a loan or those who have entered into an owner financing arrangement.
Mechanics' liens
Contractors and building suppliers are in the business of facilitating new construction and renovations. When customers refuse to pay, this can be frustrating. We can help you get paid for your labor and materials when this happens. This includes asserting the initial lien to secure what is owed to you and perfecting this lien through bringing your claim in court.

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