Maine Administrative Law

What is administrative law?

Administrative law is the body of law pertaining to the procedures of government agencies. In our case, that means representing clients before various State of Maine agencies in administrative hearings, as well as in licensing and permitting contexts.

Why hire Stevens & Day to represent you in Maine administrative law matters?

Partner Avery Day has extensive experience with the law as it relates to state agencies, having previously served as Chief Legal Counsel to the Governor and as Acting Commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. He has also worked on the staff of Senator Susan Collins and at Maine’s largest law firm with its litigation and environmental practice groups. If there has been one constant thread throughout his career, it would be involvement with State of Maine government agencies, issues, policies and affairs. Today, he is pleased to offer his wide-ranging expertise and fluency in these matters to the clients of Stevens & Day, LLP.

Core Administrative Law Services

We offer a wide range of administrative law services, including assistance with all of the following matters. If you need help with something involving the State of Maine government that isn’t listed below, please give us a call to discuss your situation. We may be able to help; and if not, we’ll refer you to the best resource we know.

Environmental and Land Use Issues

Having served as Acting Commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and having worked with the Maine Board of Environmental Protection, Avery is uniquely qualified to counsel clients on environmental and land use issues. He can help you navigate the regulations, processes, and legal implications involved in getting your project or initiative approved, and save you significant time, trial, and error along the way.

Marine Resources Permitting and Licensing

Avery advised the Governor on Maine marine resources policy, and would be glad to advise your business as well. Matters that he can help with include aquaculture permitting applications, lobster license revocation hearings, and more.

Registration and Compliance with the Maine Commission on Ethics and Elections Practices

If you operate a political action committee (PAC) or Ballot Question Committee involved in a candidate or issue-oriented campaign in Maine, we can help you stay in compliance with Maine’s campaign finance disclosure requirements. Avery is experienced in this area, including work before the Maine Ethics and Elections Commission and serving as Treasurer of a Federal PAC.

Maine State Procurement

If you’re interested not only in doing business in compliance with the State of Maine’s various government agencies; but also in bringing them on as a client or customer, we can help you navigate that process as well. This includes assistance with responding to state RFPs and RFIs, preparing bids, negotiating procurement contracts for goods and services with the state, and appeals of procurement awards.

Avery’s expertise in this area was refined during his time as a member of the State of Maine Procurement Review Committee and during his time as Chief Counsel to the Governor. He has drafted Executive orders regarding the State procurement process as well as worked on legislation to modernize this process.

State of Maine Pardon Board Hearings

Avery has experience attending hearings of the Pardon Board as the Governor’s representative. As such, he is fluent in its operations and procedures. If you are seeking a pardon board hearing in Maine, we can help you prepare your application for Executive clemency and appear before the board with you.

For more details on how this process works, check out Avery’s recent blog post on how to apply for a pardon in Maine.

Maine Licensing and Disciplinary Board Representation

If you work in a profession that requires a state license, an unjust disciplinary ruling could cost you your livelihood, or at the very least your reputation. We are proud to skillfully represent professionals before the various administrative licensing and disciplinary boards at the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and to negotiate settlements of these complaints for our clients.

Boards we can represent you in front of include:

Maine Board of Dental Practice

Maine State Board of Nursing

Board of Licensure in Medicine

Maine Board of Pharmacy

Maine Real Estate Commission

Board of Veterinary Medicine

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